Dining Out in Mountain View

Life is too short to not try new things. Luckily, the rewards of trying out a new restaurant that has been recommended to you far exceeds the risk of doing so. Who knows, you might just find your new favorite dish or make a friend! Whether you consider yourself adventurous and daring or simply curious, food is a great opportunity to break out of everyday routines and make life a little more exciting. The city of Mountain View is the perfect playground for anyone who likes their meals to be memorable experiences.

Bistro Elan is an elegant restaurant that provides a laid back atmosphere and high quality food from the freshest ingredients. Just a few blocks from a historic train station linking Palo Alto with San Francisco, Bistro Elan is a dining destination. Making use of their own garden as well as the farmer’s market, Bistro Elan creates dishes that will excite your tastebuds and ignite your passion for flavors that call California home.

Amber India Restaurant has the reputation of being the best Indian restaurant in the Bay Area. Whether you are new to Northern Indian cuisine or are well versed in the exotic dishes, you will not be disappointed. Sit back, enjoy the elegant atmosphere and let yourself be immersed in the flavors of India.

For a fine dining experience in contemporary French cuisine, head over to Chez TJ. Their breathtaking dishes are not only exquisitely crafted from the finest tasting ingredients, they are also visually stunning. You know you’ve reached the pinnacle of dining out when your food is a masterpiece almost too lovely to eat. Set in a series of intimate rooms in a Victorian-era house off the main street downtown, Chez TJ is a dining experience you will never forget.

During your stay at Camino Inn & Suites, there is no reason not to venture out of your room and around the city of Mountain View to explore the wonders of dining out. Take your family, your friends, or even just yourself out on the town and create some memories full of flavor and fun.

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