Zoi Photography

My name is Zoila, Zoe for my friends. I’m a freelance photographer since 2008.

I want to tell a few thing about me, It is a fact that my passion for photography started a long time ago, I was one of that persons that always carry a small camera everywhere. After one event I was the one who tells the story with photos. True Story!

                   Portfolio/Mountain View/Shoreline Park  http://www.behance.net

I finished my bachelor in Computer Science in 2005 and after 4 years working as a Software Engineer I traveled to Turin, Italy to starting my master on E-Business. That’s when I found that I wanted to be a photographer, inspired with the culture, the architecture of the place and the people. I met a photographer that started to teach me how to use a digital camera, the different lens and some techniques. After that I got my professional camera, I started taking it more seriously to be a real photographer. I learned how to take pictures with higher quality, I took some courses to learn about the fundamentals of a good photography, composing, editing and other important stuff.

                   Portfolio/Ballons Festival/Leon Guanajuato México http://www.behance.net

Currently I’m a freelance that still learning every day, I’m always looking for new project to improve my skills , finding awesome results playing with lighting and the elements in the environment. I have experience working in outside sessions with families, kids and pets, I also made portraits and head shots. When I have the opportunity I document events with photos for example the monster truck show, the cartoon race, the balloons festival.

In my future plans I want to learn more about photojournalism, I love to capture the essence of events and preserve them through a photo.
I also want to venture more into the digital arts as a complement of my work.

A picture is worth a thousand words!! http://be.net/ioZoila

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