Wedding Planning Made Easy at the Great Bridal Expo in San Jose – November 9 2014

A wedding may be a single day of magic, but the planning and preparation requires a lot more time. In fact, many couples spend months or even years trying to get ready for their big day. All the details can quickly become stressful and overwhelming, which is why the Great Bridal Expo is such an important event for brides, grooms and everyone involved with planning the special day.
Planning a wedding in San Jose California
At the Great Bridal Expo, it is possible to get inspired, make connections and essentially streamline all wedding planning at one, convenient destination. The Great Bridal Expo is designed to be a one-stop event for everything related to wedding planning. Brides and grooms will be able to see the latest trends, get practical tips and talk to actual vendors about the cost and nature of wedding related services. Whether couples are looking for specific people to hire or just want to get some new ideas to make their big day extra special, the Great Bridal Expo is the perfect event.

Wedding handbags of the brideFor those who have never attended before, the Great Bridal Expo is essentially operated like a trade show. There will be ample exhibition space where many local and national vendors will be available to promote their products and services. During the course of the event, there will be special presentations, demonstrations and even a fashion show. Guests will be able to peruse all the vendors to get ideas and ask questions. There are even prizes for lucky guests throughout the day. With all this, the event is not only informative but lots of fun as well, making it an ideal stop for the entire bridal party to check out.

The Great Bridal Expo has been established as one of the leading events in the wedding industry. The event got its start more than 30 years ago, and since that time, it has continued to thrive with more vendors and more guests. Now tens of thousands of guests get to galvanize their planning process by attending events across the country. In order to appease the strong and growing demand, events are strategically held in many major cities. This ensures that brides from all over will have the chance to attend and plan for the wedding of their dreams.

There are a number of events in California, including an event in San Jose this coming November. On November 9, the Great Bridal Expo will be hosted with a full range of big names on hand. Find the right photographer with options like Windelhill Photography, Jasmine Wang Photography and Briana Calderon Photography. To think about decor and general entertainment, guests can check out exhibits from Carlson Craft, Instant Photo Fun and JZM Entertainment. For bridal style, there will be displays from White by Vera Wang and Truly Zac Posen. There will also be plenty of honeymoon destinations, transportation services, menswear and much more on hand. 

With so much to see and do, guests will want to take advantage of every moment of this planning extravaganza. To accommodate this need, the Camino Inn and Suites is a great choice. The hotel, which is located in Mountain View, California, is a short drive from the Great Bridal Expo. Although other hotels are in the area, the Camino Inn and Suites is consistently ranked as one of the best hotels in the greater San Jose area. With a dedicated staff, comfortable rooms and posh amenities, the Camino Inn and Suites is the perfect place to relax after a day at the Great Bridal Expo.

Start planning now for the Great Bridal Expo in San Jose on November 9.


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