49ers New Santa Clara Stadium Scores a Touchdown

San Francisco 49er fans have been waiting a long time to move out of antiquated Candlestick Park and move into their modern new stadium in Santa Clara. Beginning in August of 2014, the San Francisco 49ers, the five-time NFL Super Bowl Champions, will play all their home games at Levi’s Stadium. The facility will also host Major League Soccer games, the PAC-12 championship game, and a number of other big events.

New Santa Clara Stadium
Designed to Be Green

Unlike any other NFL stadium, Levi’s Stadium is the first NFL stadium to earn LEED Gold Certification. Extensive efforts were made to design the stadium in the most environmentally friendly manor. Located on a sustainable site close to public transportation and a network of bike paths, the stadium will lower its carbon footprint and reduce greenhouse gases in a number of different ways.

• Solar-paneled pedestrian bridges and a solar-paneled roof deck provide power needed to operate the stadium.
• Reclaimed wood from a Moffet Field airplane hangar in Mountain View was used in the Citrix Owners Suites.
• Recycled and reclaimed building products are used throughout the stadium
• Reclaimed water is used to irrigate the playing field
• Food vendors employ “farm-to-table” menus. A rooftop garden supplies fresh herbs.
• Refuse is composted and recycled whenever possible

High Tech

As the first NFL stadium located in the Silicon Valley, Levi’s Stadium takes full advantage of the latest technology. Fans can check an electronic dashboard to monitor water usage, air flow and other energy saving features that help maintain a “green” stadium. Huge high-definition screens will be strategically placed throughout the stadium. Of course, fans will have access to free Wi-Fi and they can use an app on their smartphones to have food and drinks delivered right to their seat. That sure beats waiting in those long lines and missing a great touchdown pass.

Seating Capacity

Every seat in the stadium offers unobstructed views of the action. While not the biggest stadium in the league with a normal capacity of 68,500, for Super Bowl 50 in 2016, seating can be increased to 75,000. The stadium also contains 165 luxury seats and 9,000 club seats. In the lower bowl, there will be seating for 45,000, making it the largest first-level in the NFL.

San Francisco Bay Winds No Longer a Problem

One of the chief complaints players from the 49ers and especially players from rival teams had about playing in San Francisco’s Candlestick Park was the constant problem of having to battle the strong Bay winds. Quarterbacks and field goal kickers will no longer be able to blame their lack of accuracy on the weather. Santa Clara, about 40 minutes south of San Francisco, has a milder climate that averages about 20 degrees warmer than those blustery temperatures players and fans have had to endure for so many years.

49ers Museum Presented By Sony

Levi’s Stadium has a first-class, 20,000 square foot museum that is a dream-come-true for any 49er fan. If you are attending a game, or just want to spend an hour enveloped in 49er history, stop on by. The Trending Gallery is the place to see what is new with the team and the Heritage Gallery gives you an illuminating tour of the history of the franchise. There are plenty of exhibits and artifacts on display that will bring back memories of Joe Montana, Steve Young, Jerry Rice and the hard-hitting Ronnie Lott. Don’t miss the 49ers signature film in the Morabito Theater and be sure to check out the five Lombardi trophies – one for each Super Bowl victory.

Team Merchandise

A well stocked Flagship Team Store will offer fans a chance to pick-up jerseys, hats and all sorts of 49er brand merchandise. The store will also feature specialty shops where you can buy the Levis, Nike, New ERA and Mitchell & Ness products.

The First Football Game

While it may only be a pre-season game, on August 17, 2014, you can bet that the stadium will be packed for the first-ever NFL game against Peyton Manning and the Denver Broncos. The first regular-season NFL game at Levi’s Stadium will take place a few weeks later on Sunday night, September 14, 2014.

Football Fans Come from Everywhere

While the overwhelming number of 49er fans will most likely come from the Bay Area, Silicon Valley, or within a few hour’s drive of Santa Clara, there is always a fare share of the visiting team’s fans that travel overnight to follow their team. If you are planning to attend a football game or other event at the beautiful new stadium, a great place to stay is the Camino Inn and Suites in nearby Mountain View. Conveniently located just under 10 miles, or 20 minutes from Levi’s Stadium, you’ll get a comfortable night’s sleep, a delicious free breakfast, and a room rate that is lower than you could ever imagine.

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