The American Legion Department of California at the Santa Clara Convention Center – June 19-22, 2014

This year, the American Legion Department of California will be holding its annual convention in Santa Clara. More than 6,000 veterans, active duty military and their families are expected to be in attendance during the June 19-22 event at the Santa Clara Convention Center. 

Santa Clara Convention Center 2014 American Legion Department of CaliforniaThe American Legion was formed in 1919 and serves as an advocate for veterans and active duty military as well as their families. They strive to educate citizens about the needs of veterans and the issues they face. Their mission includes mentoring youth and promoting patriotism and good citizenship. 

The American Legion is a national non-profit organization that has a membership in excess of 2.4 million people. It is divided into 55 departments and has more than 14,000 posts. Each state plus the District of Columbia has an American Legion Department. In addition, American Legion Departments are set up in Puerto Rico, France, Mexico, and the Philippines.

The American Legion Department of California is organized into four Groups and six Areas. Those areas contain 30 Districts and within those Districts there are hundreds of Posts. In California, more than 80,000 members attend meetings and participate in activities through their local Posts. 

A number of different programs are supported by the American Legion in California as well as on a national basis. The Sons of the Legion, 40 & 8, and the Boys State and Girls State, are just some of the valuable programs you may find to be active in your community.

While members continue to give back to their community and their country throughout their lives, the American Legion also helps members. Teaming up with both public institutions and private businesses, veterans are able to receive some valuable discounts on services and goods that they may need. Members get discounts on cell phones, electronics, medical care, prescription drugs, hotel rooms, and may other things that make their lives a little easier. 

The upcoming American Legion Department of California Convention in Santa Clara is a central meeting place for members from all parts of the state. Elections will be held and winners will be announced for positions including Department Commander, National Executive Committeeman, and Sergeant at Arms. While the elections may be the focal point of the activities during the convention, there will be much more taking place over the three-day event.

On Saturday, starting at 0700 hours (7:00AM) sharp, a Color Guard competition will be held. The Red Cross will be on hand and visitors are encouraged to help out by donating blood. You will get to hear from the candidates and maybe ask questions or talk to them personally. Local posts will be organizing dinners, dances and other fun activities. 

If you are planning to attend the American Legion Department of California Convention in Santa Clara, the Camino Inn and Suites in Mountain View is a nice and very affordable place to stay. It will only take you a few minutes from our hotel to make the easy drive to the Santa Clara Convention Center and our convenient location makes it easy for you to visit all of the best attractions and restaurants in the Silicon Valley.

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