Antiques Road Show coming to Santa Clara Convention Center – June 7, 2014

What treasures will be discovered when 5,000 fans of the popular PBS program bring their prized possessions to the Santa Clara Convention Center? The big event, which takes place on Saturday, June 7, 2014, is only open to people who were lucky enough to get tickets by the April 7th deadline. Everybody else will have to wait until next year when the live taping is aired all across the country. 

Santa Clara Convention Center Antiques Road Show  2014Having the Antiques Road Show schedule a stop in your neck of the woods is a big deal. It takes some luck to be chosen to receive tickets and even more luck to actually appear on TV when the show airs. Apparently, everyone has at least one or two items that they want appraised. Demand for tickets far exceeds supply. Tickets are awarded in a lottery from the pool of applicants who submitted ticket requests. 

While most fans come from Santa Clara, San Francisco and Silicon Valley, some travel hundreds, or even thousands, of miles for a chance to have their great grandmother’s jewel-encrusted gold bracelet appraised on national TV. If you are one of those people traveling a long distance to attend the show, a nice place to stay overnight, or for the weekend, is Mountain View.
The Camino Inn and Suites in Mountain View is conveniently located just a few miles from the Santa Clara Convention Center

In the past, the Antiques Road Show has made many stops in California. They have taped shows in San Francisco, San Jose and San Diego. Most recently, the Antiques Road Show aired an episode that was taped in Anaheim. The April 21, 2014 airing showed that there was no shortage of interesting items at the Anaheim Convention Center

A duck that was used as a prop on the old Groucho Marx TV show, You Bet Your Life, was appraised at $8,000-$12,000. A 1956 Gibson Guitar was judged to be worth $16,000-$18,000, and a Norman Rockwell oil painting, Portrait of a Pilot, was valued at $75,000. 

What do you have in your closet? Is that painting that is hanging over your sofa worth a small fortune? Part of the fun of watching or going to the Antiques Road Show is learning about an item that you own. Everything from comic books and movie posters, to French perfume bottles and Chinese vases, could be worth more than you think. Whether you attend a taping of the Antiques Road Show or watch it on TV, you will have fun seeing how much the most unusual things are really worth.

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