Laser Quest in Mountain View California

Laser Quest in Mountain View CaliforniaLaser Quest are fun for everyone!

Get into your uniform, strap on the backpack, and you are ready to take part in a fun competition called Laser Quest. Laser Quest combines elements from two games we all played as children. Technology and design take the traditional games of hide-and-seek and tag to the next level.

Players enter the multi-level arena and stake out their starting positions, hiding behind barriers and trying to avoid detection by the other team. Once the game starts, the specialty lighting, fog machines, and energizing music, create the perfect environment to take on the challenge.

Each challenge lasts about 15 minutes and the entire game takes about 30 minutes from start to finish. While there are many variations on how the game can be played, the general objective is to capture a flag or prized possession and shoot the other guys before they shoot you. Although it is exciting to win, the real fun is in developing a team strategy and being an active participant as you try to defeat your opponent.

Laser Quest are fun for everyone!Laser Quest is a family entertainment center located at the intersection of Shoreline Boulevard and Highway 101 in Mountain View. The official street address in Mountain View is 1400 North Shoreline Boulevard. As long as you are tall enough (4 feet) and able to handle the equipment you need to wear (backpack), you can join in on the fun and festivities.

While you are waiting to be called into the playing arena, you can keep entertained by playing video games or powering up on some snacks and drinks from the vending machines. Don’t fill up too much or you might have some trouble completing your next mission (game).

Laser Quest can be played in small numbers or by as many as 32 people at a time. It is great for group play as it encourages teamwork and helps build friendships. Invite a group of friends to celebrate your birthday at Laser Quest. They serve great pizza!

While Laser Quest probably appeals to kids and teenagers the most, it is popular among the older crowd as well. Plan an outing for a youth group. Take the 10 year-olds who play on the soccer team that you manage out to celebrate a win. Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts will thoroughly enjoy an outing to Laser Quest.

Many businesses use these fun games as a corporate teambuilding event. You can hold all types of special events at the Laser Quest Center. Raise funds for an important cause by hosting a big Laser tournament. The possibilities are endless. You can just go because you want to unwind and have a few hours of fun!

Unlike paintball, there are no flying projectiles and diving and running wildly are discouraged. The demand for playing time is high so it is strongly suggested that you make reservations before making the trip to Laser Quest. If you live in Mountain View, or are visiting the area, get in on the family fun at Laser Quest.

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