Millennial Travelers in 2014: Some Travel Apps to Enrich your Trip Experience

Travel Apps for the ‘Always Connected’ Voyager

By Camino Inn and Suites
Young Millennial Traveler playing with his smartphone
Millennial travelers use travel apps to make it easier when they are away from home. Even if you could find an old-fashioned paper map to find your way to your hotel, why go through all of the trouble? Just pick up your smartphone and you can get turn-by-turn directions to any destination of your choice. Many of the best travel apps are free and others have a small charge. If you are traveling in 2014, you may find it very helpful to download some of these handy apps to your smartphone.

Getting connected

Don’t worry about finding a wireless connection when you want or need to get on the Internet. Free WiFi connections are widely available in most urban areas and using an app can make it very easy to find a WiFi hot spot. Instead of leaving it up to luck, you can find a nearby public place to access the Internet by either accessing a directory or using a WiFi scanner to find a café, library or other spot that offers free WiFi.

WiFi Finder by JiWire and Free Zone by Movile International, are two good choices.

Once you have established a WiFi connection, you may want to send texts, pictures or videos to your friends. As long as you add your friends to your contact list, you can share your travel experience for free, anywhere in the world, with the WhatsApp Messenger.

Finding your way around town

Google Maps is an excellent app to use to find the location of local restaurants and attractions. Connect to the Internet, put in your location, and get a street map showing you how to get to your destination.

Roadtrippers is an easy-to-use app that provides an abundance of useful information for the traveler. Whether you are visiting a specific city or taking a two-week sight-seeing vacation from San Francisco to San Diego, you will enjoy this power-packed app. Plot your course and plan your days by finding all of the attractions along the way.

Booking a hotel room

Part of the fun of traveling is having the freedom to act spontaneously and not have to stick to a strict travel itinerary. If you want to wake up at noon and spend the day shopping for antiques, you can do it. If you want to go on a wine-tasting tour, you can do that. For many young travelers in their twenties and thirties, that spirit of adventure means getting in the car and driving along the open road.

A fun travel app that is rapidly growing in popularity is Hotel Tonight. With this same-day hotel booking app, you can book a room on the same day that you want to stay in the room. If the idea of spending the day hiking in the mountains hits you at 9:00 am in the morning, you can book a hotel room that will be ready for check-in at 3:00 pm in the afternoon. Using the Snapchat feature, users can share hotel photos with others. Hotel Tonight is available in 17 countries and has more than 5,000 hotel partners in its growing network.

CheckMate is an app that helps you avoid any delays when you check-in to a hotel. You can use your smartphone to check-in before you actually arrive. The app tells the hotel manager how far you are from the hotel and allows time to prepare your room and take care of all the paperwork before you get to the property. Once you walk-in the front door, all you have to do is get the key from the front desk and head up to your room.

Finding a good place to eat

Your vacation or business trip will always be more memorable if you can include a few special places to eat. Instead of eating at the chain restaurants you can find near home, why not try some local restaurants that come highly recommended by your fellow diners.

LocalEats helps you find the best local restaurants across the USA and in some international cities as well. You won’t find any chain restaurants, but you will find local restaurants organized by price, neighborhood and the type of cuisine served. All restaurants are reviewed by the Local Eats staff and restaurants do not pay, and can not influence, the reviews.

Another very comprehensive restaurant app that will help you find a great place for breakfast, lunch, or dinner, is Urbanspoon. With more than 800,000 restaurants to choose from, you will have no problem finding a restaurant in your price range that serves the kind of food you crave. Part of the fun of this app is that you can create a “My Urbanspoon” profile and share pictures and reviews with your friends for each of the restaurants you visit.

Other useful travel apps 

If you are not fluent in the native language that is spoken wherever your travels may take you, it is helpful to have an app that can act as your own personal interpreter. Google Translate can translate text or the spoken word into dozens of foreign languages. Another highly recommended translation app is called iHandy Translator. This free app has voice recognition capabilities, works fast and translates into 52 different foreign languages.

How much should you tip when you are in a foreign country? Tipping Bird takes the guesswork out of the equation so you do not over or under-tip for service.

Another problem that is easily solved with a convenient little app is currency exchange issues. When you are traveling abroad, you can convert your currency to the native currency. Xe is simple to use and converts all of the popular currencies, including Bitcoin into dollars, or your native currency.

When traveling in the United States or abroad, having your smartphone by your side is practically standard procedure. Enrich your travel experience and save valuable time by downloading the best travel apps before you leave on your next business or pleasure trip.

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