Three Great Events, One Great Destination.

With so much to do at the Santa Clara Convention Center this spring, be sure to book your room at the Camino Inn and Suites in Mountain View.

Auditorium Santa Clara, California

Auditorium Santa Clara, California

Silicon Valley is always bustling with activity. In fact, the coming months are particularly busy, especially at the Santa Clara Convention Center. With a wide range of meeting spaces available, the Santa Clara Convention Center is a great destination. Located in downtown Santa Clara, there are plenty of options for recreation and accommodation surrounding the center, making a trip especially easy to plan.

Just consider the three following events this spring.

1. Santa Clara Coin, Stamp & Collectibles Show.
This yearly event gathers some of the most notable collectors along the West Coast. With almost 80 dealers on hand, avid collectors and novices are all sure to find something to pique their interest. Guests can peruse the booths, looking at collectible American coins and rare currencies from around the world. Stamps and other collectibles will also be available, and guests can both buy and sell during their time at the show. To facilitate sales, appraisals will be available. This year’s show will start on April 25 and run through April 27. Early bird access will be available on April 24 for an additional fee.

2. The Son-Rise Program. The Son-Rise Program is an exciting three-day event, designed to empower those who work with kids on the Autism spectrum. For years, the Son-Rise Program has utilized hands-on approaches that are based on the best psychological understanding of Autism disorders. With this knowledge, people who attend the Son-Rise Program will learn how to better interact with kids on the Autism spectrum, getting tips and encouragement to take development to the next level. The Son-Rise Program is sponsored by Move Autism, Inc. Although Son-Rise Programs take place in various locations, the San Francisco Bay Area will hold their next program on April 25. Registration is still open, and anyone who knows or works with a child on the Autism spectrum is encouraged to attend. This year’s event will feature one of the first children who participated in the program, Raun Kaufman.

3. Ethernet Technology Summit. As technology continues to evolve, it is important to stay connected to the latest developments. This is why the Ethernet Technology Summit is such an important event for those in the technology industry. For three days, the industry experts will be in attendance, giving everyone a chance to see the latest technologies, connect with other industry leaders and buy or sell as needed. Two of the days will include informational seminars about Software-Defined Networking and OpenFlow. Attendees can also participate in full-day forums about 40/100/400 GbE and convergence. Other educational opportunities include a VC Forum, a session on market research and a tutorial about shortest path bridging. Whether you are interested in buying, selling or just learning all you can about the latest advancements, the Ethernet Technology Summit is the place to be. The 2014 event will start on April 29 and last until May 2.

From the latest technologies to the human touch of Autism to the old fashion art of coin collecting, there is an event for everyone this April at the Santa Clara Convention Center. If you are considering a trip, be sure to book your hotel now. Fortunately, there are still rooms available at the Camino Inn and Suites. Located in Mountain View, California, the Camino Inn and Suites is mere minutes from the convention center. Better still, it has some of the best room rates in all of Silicon Valley.

Therefore, make your travel arrangements and book a room at the Camino Inn and Suites today.

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