Innovative Travel Ideas for Silicon Valley

Traveling is common in Silicon Valley, so in order to get ahead it is important to be thoroughly prepared for your journey with a plan and smart packing.

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Between tourism and business, people from all over the world are drawn to Silicon Valley. There are world class attractions, and some of the most vibrant businesses are based in the area. Because of this, Silicon Valley is teeming with life and innovation.

While everyone knows how much there is to do in this Northern California hot spot, not enough people know how to travel effectively in the area. With so much energy and focus, travel throughout the valley should be more efficient than anywhere else in California. In order to fully enjoy your time in Silicon Valley, it is important to be thoroughly prepared for the trip.

If you have a trip to Silicon Valley in the future, consider the following travel tips to make your experience fast, convenient and safe.

Making a Plan for 2014

The best way to streamline your travel in Silicon Valley is to plan carefully. Every traveler should book their flight and arrange their accommodations before they leave in order to avoid as many delays and complications as possible. However, the way you plan your trip can have a big impact on how efficient the overall experience is.

Modern travelers do much of their planning online, which is a great way to expedite the process. There are many websites and apps that can facilitate such arrangements. However, it is not just a question of booking your travel plans online. You should also organize your travel details online. All travel information should be centralized for easier access. Too many people have their flight information in one app and their accommodations in an email. Trying to pull these disparate pieces together on the go is easier said than done. Instead, use a comprehensive travel app that takes the necessary information and streamlines it into a single plan. This way, all travel details are in one place, which can easily be accessed on the go.

Getting Packed in 2014

Any time you are away from home, luggage is inevitable. However, too many travelers take far more than they need to survive. The fact is that traveling in Silicon Valley does not require all the comforts of home, and one of the best ways to save time and hassles is to pack smart.

There is a difference between packing light and packing smart. Packing light simply reduces the amount of things in your luggage. Packing smart, on the other hand, is about picking the right things to make a real difference in your travel experience. When possible, it is best to minimize your luggage to a carry-on, which means space is of the essence. To accomplish this, travelers should consider versatile clothing that is both wrinkle-free and fast drying. This way, it is possible to reuse the same clothing while traveling, which can minimize how much is needed. Taking lightweight, affordable technology is another good method, and try not to take redundant items. If you can use your phone for the Internet, do not bring your tablet as well.

Selecting the right luggage can also make a difference. Lightweight and versatile pieces are best, and many Silicon Valley frequent fliers like backpacks with rollers.

Arriving at the Airport

Knowing how to cut corners is essential for efficient travel. However, your airport arrival time is never the place for that. In the modern security climate, there is no way to arrive at the airport last minute without complications. Instead, go early to the airport. This is the best way to avoid cumbersome lines and to minimize your stress on the go. This way, a delay at security is not that big of deal, and there is no risk of missing your flight. Although airports may not be your first choices for places to hang out, they are perfectly adequate for reading a good book or getting some extra work done.

If you can, avoid parking fees at the airport by renting a car to and from the airport. While taxis are available, there are also new zipcar services that are popular in Silicon Valley.

These simple measures can have a sizable impact on your travel experience in Silicon Valley.

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