Is Japanese Food Good For You – Perhaps the Healthiest Diet in the World

The Japanese diet is arguably the healthiest one in the entire world not only because of the actual content of the food itself but also the way each meal is served. Let’s see why The Japanese diet takes the cake when it comes to the tremendous health benefits it provides.

Is Japanese Food Good For You
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Plant Based

Because the Japanese culture adheres to a mostly plant-based diet, both vegetarians and vegans are in heaven when they discover their diet. But more than this, by consuming much less meat, they also are extracting as many health benefits from their food as will be explained below. Most of their diet consists of fish, fruits, vegetables, and whole grains such as brown rice.

They tend to invariably stay away from consuming food such as red meat, poultry, junk food, baked food that’s high in saturated fat, sugar, and a lot of salt. It’s this extreme attention to the specific individual food groups that they eat that makes their diet so very healthy especially when nearly everything they’re eating is tremendously nutritious as well and also takes fantastic.

Substantive Variety

The reason the Japanese and other adherents to their diet have been eating the way they do for so many decades and even centuries is because not only are their food choices extremely healthy and nutritious but they’re able to eat it daily because they include a tremendously wide variety.

Even though they rarely include lots of any eggs or whole dairy in their daily meals, the substantive variety of every type of fruit and vegetable imaginable, as well as lean legumes(beans, and the complete protein that contains all nine essential amino acids that they obtain by eating both saltwater and freshwater fish is a huge amount of food to choose from.

So they never get bored. They never feel like they’re eating the same meal every day. Their taste buds are always delighted because the taste pleasure is so overwhelmingly delicious. In addition, the incredible assortment of condiments, soups, sauces and herbs provide even more incredible taste sensations.

Low Caloric Intake

The Japanese diet is also amazingly healthy because due to the very foods that they consume being extremely high in both fiber and water(vegetables, fruits and legumes), they feel full in a very short period of time right after they start eating. So they consume far fewer calories per day than Americans do. Moreover, they serve each meal in small portions and on exotic, colorful tableware. These little portions lessen the very low-calorie total of one of their meals.

The Japanese rarely become obese due directly to their outstanding eating habits. Moreover, they have a significantly lower incidence of major diseases such as hypertension, high cholesterol, high triglycerides, and coronary heart disease. Few Japanese adults get heart attacks or strokes since their major arteries to both their brains and hearts rarely get blocked and clogged with plaque.

Having open heart bypass surgery due to coronary heart disease is practically unheard of in Japan. And they don’t really exercise that much more than Americans either so it simply has to be their fabulous diet.

Proven Health Improvements From The Diet

While the Japanese who have been eating this diet all their lives rarely suffer from the aforementioned major diseases, it’s also a proven fact that when denizens of other cultures start eating this way, the state of their overall health skyrocket. They lose weight quickly.

Their levels of fats in the blood dramatically diminish and many Americans can literally reverse their heart disease simply by transitioning to the astonishing nutritional and medical powers of the Japanese diet. There’s truly nothing their diet can’t possibly do to substantially improve nearly all types of bodily sickness short of cancer. These insights should be very useful to any American who’s considering switching to the Japanese diet. It’s easy. It’s inexpensive and it definitely works.

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3 thoughts on “Is Japanese Food Good For You – Perhaps the Healthiest Diet in the World

  1. A few corrections about your article:

    1. Japan is definitely not a vegan heaven. It’s almost impossible to find any prepared foods in restaurants or supermarkets which don’t contain some animal product. Even miso soup has bonito extract in the dashi.

    2. Your comment about brown rice is just incorrect. Brown rice is very rare in Japan and almost never served. White rice is the main staple everywhere. Whole grains are not popular here at all.

    3. Japanese food tends to be high in sodium content because soy sauce is added to so many dishes.

    You are correct about Japanese generally eating much less fat and calories than Americans though.

    Doug Lerner,

  2. Having lived in Japan for eight years back in the 1960s I must say that the statement about the Japanese diet steering clear of a lot of salt is simply not true. A good percentage of the daily diet in Japan is composed of vegetables that are pickled in salt. Also soy sauce is liquid salt.

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