Celebrate Every Irish Nights in Silicon Valley: Surprising Pubs and Excitement

If you’re ready for a night of Irish-style frolicking and fun, you’ll want to head on over to Silicon Valley, where you’ll find that more than a little of the Old Country has taken root. Silicon Valley now plays host to a wide variety of popular, convivial Irish pubs where the Guinness never stops flowing and where you don’t have to be Irish to participate in a little comradely blarney.
Irish pubs Silicon Valley

Here are a few of Silicon Valley’s most popular Irish pubs:

O’Flaherty’s Irish Pub 

At O’Flaherty’s, you’ll find an authentic a bit of old Ireland; in fact, it’s so authentic, a number of regular patrons are Irish-born themselves. Located in downtown San Jose, O’Flaherty’s is the No. 1 seller of Guinness in all of Silicon Valley, largely due to the fact that it serves Guinness on draft, which you can’t always find in other pubs. This, plus the pub’s authentic-styled ambiance, is probably also the reason that O’Flaherty’s was chosen to host the Irish rugby team during its recent visit to California. If you’re craving dark wood walls, brass rails and draft Guinness, then you’ll find everything you crave at O’Flaherty’s.

The Duke of Edinburgh

As one of the oldest pubs in Silicon Valley, the Duke of Edinburgh also offers a truly authentic experience that literally includes its four walls. That’s because its entrepreneurs ordered the pub to be built-in England in 1983, after which the pieces were exported to Oakland in a container ship and reconstructed in Cupertino. Everything from the ceiling and walls to the carpeting on the floor is from England.

The Duke of Edinburgh is a warm and friendly place, but according to its loyal regulars, it’s not a youth-oriented party pub where youngsters can get rip-roaring drunk and try to pick up dates all night. Instead, it’s a place to meet and talk, have darts games and watch soccer games on television.

Martins West Gastropub

If you want to combine your Irish pub experience with a bit of authentic Old Country fare, then you can’t do better than to visit Martins West Gastropub, where you’ll find a menu that includes bona fide pub dishes such as black pudding and Scottish eggs. Martins is modeled after another Martins, located in Scotland, and according to chef Michael Dotson, who has visited the original, the Old Country portion of its menu harkens back to its Scottish-based counterpart.

As a nod to California, however, this pub also features local delights such as pheasant and leek sausage and organic burgers. In addition, the bar offers a number of artisan farmhouse ales to go with its roster of traditional Irish favorites.

Whether you’re looking for draft Guinness and black pudding, or a pint of farmhouse ale and a bit of conversation and telly watching, you’re sure to satisfy your cravings for the Old Country with a visit to Silicon Valley.

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Where to find the best pubs with the best people? PUBS AND PUB culture has found fertile ground in Silicon Valley. Whether old school like Cupertino’s Duke of Edinburgh and the Trials in … You voted for the best Irish Pub in Silicon Valley, and we counted. Check out the results below.

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