5 Incredible Bands Who Will Be Playing In April around San Francisco

Talib Kweli at the DNA Lounge, April 4th:

Now that Talib Kweli has finalized production on his forthcoming album, he is bringing his signature brand of socially conscious hip-hop to San Francisco. Epitomizing his cultural awareness with the title of his new record, “Prisoner of Conscious,” Talib Kweli delivers an uninterrupted, stream-of-consciousness flow that conveys unflappable attitude and smug wisdom with brutal confidence. This live act showcases the precision of a rap legend as he rhymes smoothly over complicated beats and a jazzy gospel backdrop.


Every show Talib Kweli performs is personable and sincere as he emotionally shares his nonchalant serenity with the crowd. He knows how to give the best hip-hop performance possible and is ready to reconfigure, revitalize and revolutionize rap once again.

Mudhoney at Slim’s, April 12th:

A classic grunge odyssey returns to San Francisco with Mudhoney on tour commemorating their 25th Anniversary. The special occasion coincides with the release of their tenth studio album, “Vanishing Point,” which the band is promoting with ferocity. Fusing blues, jam band and punk elements together allows Mudhoney to freely traverse the field of rock music. Their front man, Mark Arm, is notorious for his vociferously raspy screams and groans. The wailing guitars and guttural basses create an enveloping ambiance of nostalgia for music of the early 1990s.

With an abusive knack for feedback and atonal minor chords, Mudhoney has kept the emphatically apathetic grunge movement alive for over two decades.

Dropkick Murphys at The Warfield, April 16th:

This seven-piece Irish punk band brings a relentless Celtic rock barrage to San Francisco. Dropkick Murphys generates an incomparably uproarious party atmosphere complete with a stomping mosh pit. In a righteous and uptempo fashion, they unleash an accordion assault accompanied by layers of banjo and bagpipes. Equipped with deep bass, impeccably rapid drums, and gritty electric guitar riffing, Dropkick Murphys consistently demonstrates explosive raw performance skills in their live show and are known for perfectionism and flawless musical abilities. The aggressive edginess of their sound always has a jovial backbone of comradery and celebration.

Having just released their defiant new album, “Signed and Sealed in Blood,” Dropkick Murphys are enjoying an intensely passionate streak of punk-rock glory. This band is fiery and in their prime, which is invigorating and possessing them into putting on a powerhouse of a punk show that is not to be missed.

Infected Mushroom & Zeds Dead at The Regency Ballroom, April 20th:

When it comes to psychedelic electronic music, Infected Mushroom reigns supreme. Originating in Israel, this duo continues to re-invent the genre of dub-step. Their newest venture, “Army of Mushrooms,” innovates trance music and evolves it to new levels of complexity. Incorporating extreme fluctuations in tempo and mathematical shifts in rhythm, Infected Mushroom has a live act that is transcendentally intoxicating.

Relying on extraordinarily elaborate beats and an ingenious use of synthesizers, Infected Mushroom is guaranteed to transform the perception of music in San Francisco. By combining their intricate musical show with a personalized visual experience, this group promises every one of their live shows is one of a kind. The meshing of both elements is mind altering and consciousness expanding. Unexpected forays into pop vocalizations and metal drumming interludes are a mainstay of their act. All attendees should be prepared for non-stop reverberations and heavy warbling. Zeds Dead supports with an equally mesmerizing demonstration of the glitch-step genre.

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club at The Fillmore, April 22nd:

As an indie-rock outlet, the band Black Rebel Motorcycle Club is at the zenith of professionalism. Their niche is a strain of classic rock revivalism blended with alternative folksy crooning. In a ghostly atmospheric sound scape, these effervescent rockers shows off the expansive range of the acoustic-electric guitar. Never to be classified in a single genre, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club applies low-fidelity garage rock tones to meandering folk blues rhythms to produce hauntingly full-bodied music.


Because this band was originally formed in San Francisco, this show is set to be especially vibrant and forceful as thanks to the dedicated locals. It is sure to be a momentous performance in the wake of their new album “Specter at the Feast.”

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