San Francisco’s Top 3 Burgers to Try – Enjoy a Tasty Meal in the Bay Area Recommended by JP Prieur

San Francisco burgers are a tradition that is like baseball apple pie and Chevrolet. A good Hamburger is often illusive and keeps itself hidden. Some people claim they know a good burger place but then you get there and the place is just like the regular old run of the mill “B” place. Well here is a collection of burger places that take the meaning of a great burger to a new level of expectations.

Try Super Duper Burgers, with three locations in San Francisco, Two on Market St and one on Chester. Their hours of operation are from 10:00 am to 11:00 pm . Super Duper Burgers offers a traditional California styled “B” that is out f this world. For starters there’s the traditional ¾ lb burger created from Angus Beef. All the trimmings like tomatoes, lettuce, and ketchup are available to help make that burger of choice special. What really makes Super Duper Burger shine is that they make a Portobello Mushroom burger that is smashing The large mouth-watering burger just entices you to bite right into it. Homemade pickles are made right at Super Doopers and let me tell you they are the best pickles you can get A great burger wouldn’t be the best without a fantastic order of homemade style fire. Super Dooper has fries, onion rings and many other tantalizing choices to toss into your Gourmet “B” combination. This place is the best!


Try the Roam’s Artisan Burgers with Friends, located on Fillmore St in San Francisco is another awesome choice to experience the taste of a mouth-watering Bison Burger. Bison Burgers are 100% free range fed and offer one of the leanest meats available. The juicy burger’s that Roam’s Artisan Burgers create from Free range Turkeys are the talk of San Francisco. Turkey know for its healthy and lean properties is prepared in a Turkey Patty that make your mouth water when you take a bite of this gourmet hamburger . Maybe your into the health scene well Roams Artisan Burgers has another great feature that isn’t offered anywhere else in San Francisco. Homemade organic Veggie Burgers are yours for the taking. Roam’s Artisan Burgers shows off its uniqueness with this combination of healthy food fare.

You have to Try the “Pearls Deluxe Burgers” on Post St is off the hook when it comes to traditional style and flavored burgers. San Francisco and its tradition of “B” places are many, but there are those hamburger  places that are truly a cut above the rest. Pearl’s Deluxe Burgers is one of those Burger places! With 15 choices of different burgers the menu is full of choices. Buffalo, chicken, turkey, mushroom, are just a few of the many type’s of burgers that Pearl’s offers its guest. San Francisco tourist who visit this Burger joint should know they have been to dine at a place that is one of the best on the northern California Coastline.

A visit to SF without taking a taste of one of these “B” creations will leave the site seeing tourist famished and with substance, don’t miss out at the rare opportunity of feasting on these top hamburger establishments.

Articles written by Jean-Pierre Prieur – Copyright ©2013 – All Rights Reserved


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