Santa Clara Coin Stamp Show 2013 Will Be Fantastic

At Griffin Coins, we are interested in the buying and selling of San Francisco coins. We specialize in the Mint gold and silver coins, but we will consider all other types of rare coins and paper money from around the world, including the United States. It is our privilege to see what you have collected over the years, and we will offer great prices for your collection.

We will be at the Santa Clara Coin, Stamp & Collectibles Show to check out various coins and collections that people will bring to the show. This show will be held at the At the Santa Clara Convention Center. The address is 5001 Great America Parkway, Santa Clara, CA.

This fantastic event will be held on April 19-20, 2013 10am -7pm and April 21, 2013: 10am -4pm. During the dates and times of the show, we encourage people to bring in what they have to show us. The cost is only $6 for admission, and this price is good for all of the days.

On April 18, there is a $75 charge of the dealers to set up. This will occur between 1pm-7pm

For more information or to contact me during other times please refer to Scott Griffin, PO Box 1876, Suisun, CA 94585. I can be reached at 415-601-8661, and I will answer any questions that you might have. Santa Clara Coin, Stamp & Collectibles Show. Many people find that they are pleased with the outcome of these types of coin shows. They are able to sell what they want and buy the coins that they find they desire.

Remember that we will come to you during other times if you would like a personal visit to see the collection that you have worked hard to achieve over the years. We love to see what you have to sell, and as mentioned before, we offer a fair price for the entire collection.

Please fell free to call 415-601-8661 for more information and we hope to see you at the Santa Clara Coin, Stamp & Collectibles Show.





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