The Golden Gate Bridge Spectacular Landmark: From Love to Passion

What could possible leave a tourist with the most remembered picture of their destination of a life filled with travel? What could last almost one hundred years and have a million people per week travel it ? What could be 1.7 m long and 746 feet up in the air? The answer to these questions are the San Francisco Golden Gate Bridge. The San Francisco Golden Gate Bridge was created by Joseph Strauss, Irving Morrow, and Charles Ellis in January 5, 1933. It was completed almost five years later. The Golden Gate Bridge was once the longest bridge in the United States. It is a testament of what mankind can really conceive and build. Constructed nearly 75 years ago the Bridge has seen travel by pedestrians and cars for over ¾ of a decade, without closing except three times in its history. Winds exceeding 65 miles an hour have been the cause of its closure all three times.

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The Golden Gate Bridge has been designated as a Wonder of the World. Spanning the gap of almost 2 miles from it is a top a channel that is 375 feet deep. To really understand the amazing factors involved that this bridge endures, an individual needs to imagine that the depth of the water under it, is the length of a Football Field. The current under the Golden Gate is one of the strongest in the world. Constant forces eat and erode at the foundations seated on the bay floor, holding the bridge in position. The tourist who is curious can walk across or bicycle across this romantic man-made. Walking or Cycling is sure to be a fantastic way of experiencing this wonder of the world. Looking down from the seven hundred and fifty foot height will put tremors in anyone’s body. This may be exactly what Cupids Bow needs to bring that special clothes hug that each partner needs. Romance can often be filled from a small scare and a partner who is a rescuer becoming the hero of the day.

2013 Tourist Golden Gate

Nothing short of awesome can describe it. The Bridge is one of the most known landmarks in all the world. What that says is in essence,”the picture of the San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge is a universal landmark for the work of tourism”. Before the Golden Gate there was a Ferry that carried passengers from Marin and other Bay Area destinations across the bay to the glamorous city of San Francisco. As one travels across the bridge the views are spectacular. It is highly recommended that the trip across the Golden Gate be taken with camera and by foot. The experience will be out of this world. Memories and visions from the views of the Island of Alcatraz, Treasure Island, The Presidio, The Bay, The Warf, The city of Oakland and surrounding Bay Area towns will delight the tourist.

Oldbridge black and white 1968 Fotos

An early morning walk or late night walk will really show the Golden gates majestic appeal. Looking out into the Bay Alcatraz Island is the Prison that held Al Capone. Al Capone was the infamous mobster of the early thirties and forties. Al Capone was the The infamous Bird Man of Alcatraz found his days also on this Prison Island. Only one escape attempt was ever successful from this remote prison, Even those who made the escape have never been found. It probably means they didn’t make the swim against the raging currents that are in the San Francisco Bay.

This man-made gem also passes through Treasure Island now a military base installation. The island once was said to actually have treasure buried on the island. None has been found as of this date. Maybe the lucky tourist will find its whereabouts someday. The sites again are majestic from this Bridge. Most Bridges are painted a dull steel colour but not this one! This one actually was accidentally painted the bright Orange that it has been for seventy-five years. The Orange colour is a result of primer that was the base coat for the paint. Military officials wanted the bridge very visible for ships that might strike the Bridge. Original conception ideas called for the Golden Gate Bridge to be painted black with yellow stripes of visibility. When the orange colour was seen the Military liked the idea, since that day the Golden Gate has always been painted that colour.

This “Precious” is in more Hollywood films than any other bridge that exists. Films that feature romance and almost every type of drama call for the “Beautiful” to fill the Camera shutter with its presence. Many distraught and gilded lovers have leaped from this bridge. On an average year over thirty leaps of desperation happen. This is sad but love and life often take their toll on humans. Much has been done to stop this tragedy. The truth however, is that the leap is almost 98 percent fatal. Only four people have ever survived the leap from it. The last leap in the year 2003.

When you take the stroll along this suspension bridge the amazement and awe of how in the world could man construct such a huge structure is all inspiring, a tourist can easily spend hours just looking at this amazing “structure”. The two long arching beams that stretch the Golden gate Bridges span on each side are not beams at all. These mistaken beams are actually very giant cables strung from eighty thousand miles of cable, the cable is then grouped together to form a large giant cable. The roadway is then hung from these large cables by smaller cables. The “Precious” is designed to move so that Earthquakes and natural elements like wind will not destroy it. A segment of the giant cable is located at the bottom of the bridge were it ends on the San Francisco side. The segment lets the curious tourist see the actual cables inside that it took to make the large cable, it’s very cool to see!

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On a one to ten scale with ten being the best, our “Beautiful” is a sure ten when it comes to places to visit that will leave romantic and inspiring memories. Nothing could be better than taking a special person in your life and strolling the length of the bridge and maybe even asking that loved one for their hand in marriage. Maybe that loved one will just allow you to romance them with a kiss of passion while looking out over the bay with arms around them. The possibilities are endless and the magic of this bridge can make a visit the memories of a lifetime.

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