2013 Guide to Silicon Valley Music and Nightlife

Even After Dark the Lights Never Go Out in Silicon Valley

When reviewing the list of high power companies whose headquarters are located in Silicon Valley you might think that the people employed here must be workaholics, never venturing forth from their Fortune 500 surroundings. Wait for the sun to go down however, and you’ll learn these people love to have fun as much as you do.

Silicon Valley’s vibrant Nightlife includes all types of venues ensuring your night will be filled with whatever activities you find yourself in the mood for and you’re bound to make new friends among the welcoming area residents wherever you go. Be sure to save up some energy during your daytime activities, as Silicon Valley never sleeps.

Great Nighttime Hotspots in Silicon Valley

Silicon Valley has something for everyone terms of nighttime entertainment. Try some of the most popular options, which define the local scene.

Blues and Jazz Clubs – The area is full of live Blues and Jazz Music, some with a full menu while others serve alcohol with or without bar food.

Agenda Lounge (San Jose)

– This upscale dinner-club specializes in live top-act jazz, swing, acid jazz, acoustic acts, and reggae bands. The club also houses a dance club in the cellar and a white-tablecloth restaurant on the main floor.

Café Fino (Palo Alto)

– It’s impossible to be overdressed for this high profile establishment but those in casual attire are also welcome. Art deco frescoes decorate the vaulted ceilings the menu includes food from the Café’s co-establishment, Mia Maddalena, and the best top shelf spirits. Classic jazz bands provide entertainment during the week and weekends feature a three-piece combo led by a French style songstress.

Garden City (San Jose)

– Known for hosting some of the most talented blues and jazz musicians in the world, this lounge features well-known Jazz musicians every night. You are guaranteed to catch a big name artist if you show up Sunday night. The bar includes espresso beverages along with microbrews, a range of wine choices. Regarding dress, practically anything goes from casual to swanky.

Casinos If you feel lucky and want to try your chances at games of chance and skill try one of these great casinos.

Garden City Casino(San Jose)

– Housed in a Mountain Style Chalet, this isn’t your standard Casino. Recently modernized, this 40 table casino has unique versions of many standard Casino games including Baccarat, Pai Gow Tiles, Pure 21.5 Blackjack and practically all varieties of Poker. They also hold special late night tournaments and other events. Food is available and you can order Breakfast 24 hours a day.

Casino M8Trix (San Jose)

– This 16 story modern casino is the epitome of opulence. The structure is filled with stunning features including lit fountains controlled by computers and Italian glass murals created by the same artist who created works for several Casinos in Las Vegas. The first floor consists of well-spaced gaming tables and the eighth and ninth floors are for high rollers and divided into four rooms each, designed to take advantage of the buildings spectacular views. There is also a sports bar, karaoke lounge, restaurants, meeting rooms and video games.

Lucky Chances Casino (Colma)

– Boasting the highest payout of all casinos in the Bay Area, along with standard Poker Games, Lucky Chances has a number of Asian and Vegas Style Games. As the newest Card Casino along the Bay, this establishment has the most modern equipment and facilities in the Bay area. While Café Colma is part of the Casino, customers include individuals from all over who come for the authentic Filipino, Vietnamese, and Chinese dishes along with standard American fare. The Café is also open 24 hours making it a popular late night dining spot.

Comedy Are you in the mood for a good laugh. The following clubs premier top national comics.

ComedySports (San Jose)

– As pointed out on their website this show isn’t about sports. Instead it’s comedy as a sport. If you enjoy improve at its funniest you’ll love this club. Two competing teams improvise scenes musicals operas games based on ideas shouted out by the audience. The audience also votes on each sketch determining the winners and even may wind up as part of the show.

Rooster T. Feathers (Sunnyvale)

– Considered a top comedy club for more than 30 years this club has hosted some of the best known comics in the country. Regulars include comics from all over the country who frequent such shows as The Tonight Show, Showtime Specials, The Late Show with David Letterman and Comedy Central. The club provides comfortable surroundings as well as food and beverages (alcoholic and non-alcohol).

The Improv (San Jose)

– An offshoot of the famous New York club, the Improv in San Jose let’s you enjoy dinner along with a live comedy show. While this club also features top comedians seen on major network shows and in movies, they are also are known for the club where budding comedians can test their skills. Many famous actors and comedians got their start at one of these clubs working as door managers and waiters before being allowed the chance to take the stage.

Dance Clubs Are you looking to cut a rug? You’re sure to find whatever style you’re looking for at one of these clubs.

Club Ibex (San Jose)

– This club is known for its quality World-Music bands which represent nations around the world. Providing a variety of world-beat music, which includes those mixed genres that don’t fit into another category such as Cajun combined with Calypso. You’re never certain what you might hear at Club Ibex but you will be sure that whatever band is playing will be top notch. The club also boasts an impressive full bar with a wide selection of imported beer and variety of liquors.

The Palace (Sunnyvale)

– This club is straight out of a 1930’s movie set. In addition to meals prepared by renowned chef, Joey Altman, well-dressed dance enthusiasts enjoy the ornate ambiance and variety of live bands, which range from swing to disco-techno-funk.

The Edge (Palo Alto)

– You have a great chance of catching a well-known national touring band. Many other popular cover bands also play here for your dancing enjoyment. The music leans toward the Heavy Metal genre but also includes a mix of post-80’s favorites.

Whether you’re in Silicon Valley for Business of pleasure, you’ll find plenty to do in this area with a diverse and active nightlife. There’s something spectacular happening somewhere in the Valley every night.

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