Things to do around San Jose – Discover Fine Art during your Vacation

“Do you know the way to San Jose?” These lyrics to a popular song represent the seductive draw this California city has on millions of people. Artists and art-lovers alike are attracted to San Jose for its natural beauty and its returned love for the artist and art lovers. While visiting San Jose, be sure to check out the following galleries:


Given the Greek name for ‘beauty and form’ this spectacular gallery is at the forefront of what San Jose calls its ‘Phantom Art’ movement. This movement was made up of artists and exhibitors displaying artwork in the windows of vacant storefronts and other odd places that would not usually be an art venue. From this 2006 movement KALEID was formed. It is now made up of over sixty artists and takes up over six thousand square feet of space completely dedicated to bringing beauty to San Jose.

ArtStreet San Jose

This is the brainchild of San Jose artist Curt Schaur. He, along with several other artists, have formed a very impressive collection of their work and visiting exhibits. This gallery is very active in the Art Without Limits organization which is a prime example of how passionate ArtStreet is about sharing art throughout the community for the young, old, rich and poor.

Anno Domini

This charming gallery has served the community of San Jose for over a decade. Concepts such as Village Savant where the public are offered a ‘guide to creative existence.’ Here at Anno Domino, art is both three-dimensional and given a voice of its own with unconventional art objects such as puppets and talking masks.

San Jose Institute of Contemporary Art

This public museum of the arts is a long-cherished member of this vibrant art community. Admission is at a minimum and creative adoration is at a premium. See the masters of art from ages past and present. In addition, there are several artifacts that give an example of life in San Jose way before the city of San Jose existed.

Noa’s Art

Carry art with you everywhere you go with the help of the friendly staff at Noa’s Art. They will send art directly to you at your home. Simply phone them up and the artists will come over to see the exact space and setting where you want to place a work of art. They will take this information into consideration when they make your artwork. Noa’s Art understands how art makes life beautiful. Now they make it their priority to fill your life, starting with your home, with art.

Higher Fire Clayspace & Gallery

Here the beauty of making clay pots is collided with the beauty of artistic creation. Both pros and amateurs alike are welcome here. Learn how to make a clay pot or treat yourself to handmade pottery that will bring warmth and harmony to any living space.

You are sure to fall in love with this romantic and peaceful city. San Jose leaves an imprint on the soul that is hard to forget. Dine in fabulous restaurants, stroll down the tree-lined streets and definitely take advantage of being so close to such stunning art.

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