3 Things to do with Kids in Silicon Valley

Fine French restaurants, fascinating museums, and fabulous art galleries, stretch from Palo Alto to Los Gatos and over to Mountain View. Silicon Valley is more than just a place where technology thrives. It is also a great place for kids to learn, explore new things and have fun. Make it a point to bring your kids to the area and visit at least one of the following attractions.

Exploratorium in San Francisco

Taking into consideration the imagination and national curiosity of kids, the Exploratorium provides a fantastic platform for learning all about science and the arts.

More than 600 exhibits fill the inside and outside spaces of one of San Francisco’s most popular attractions. There are daily demonstrations about electricity, light and the life sciences. Aimed at the younger demographic, the Exploratorium experience also appeals to parents and anyone with a natural curiosity about how things work.

When kids enter the Tinkering Studio, they get a chance to think creatively and build something with their own special touch. A popular building project is the marble rolling track, where pathways are created to transport a marble from origin to destination.

Go inside the tactile dome and see if all of the mystery objects can be found. There is only one problem. The dome is completely dark. Adventurous children, who can handle an environment void of light, will have a great time crawling, stretching and only using their sense of touch, to discover the hidden items. www.exploratorium.edu

Palo Alto Junior Museum and Zoo

While it will not remind you of the San Diego Zoo, the small, Palo Alto Junior Museum and Zoo, is the perfect place to take toddlers. The city of Palo Alto owns and operates this little gem and admission is free. Donations help support the facility. You can give your child five dollars and they will get a kick out of feeding the paper food through the donation-swallowing Frog’s mouth. Inside, there are a series of hands-on exhibits that are just the right size for tiny toddlers. Your little ones can run around, pull handles, turn knobs and interact in a very fun environment. There is a large rope spider net that kids love to climb. A renewable energy exhibit teaches kids about solar and wind power. Outside, the small zoo features two bobcats named Rufus and Tule and a variety of small animals and birds. www.friendsjmz.org

Pump It Up Junior of Sunnyvale

This is a safe and fun place for kids age 1-6 to run around and climb, slide and bounce on colorful inflatable. It is a great place for birthday parties and is always a big hit with youngsters. Kids learn to interact with other children and are encouraged to get just a little bit wild. www.pumpitupparty.com

Great Places to Eat for Kids

After the excitement, you will probably all be hungry. There are some great kid-friendly places from which you can choose. For healthy and nutritious food that satisfies and also tastes great, try one of these excellent area eateries.

Sonoma Chicken Coop

Sonoma Chicken Coop is an award-winning fast casual restaurant that makes everything fresh and from scratch. Everyone loves chicken and they have the best rotisserie chicken in town. Kids will love the oven fired pizza and the delicious homemade desserts. Also on the menu are a variety of foccacia sandwiches and some incredible hand-tossed salads. Full entrees are served during dinner hours. The Sonoma Chicken Coop has four locations in San Jose and is open for lunch and dinner.

California Cafe

California Cafe, in Los Gatos, is a wonderful place to bring the family for lunch. A special Kids Menu features a Build Your Own Bento Box where, for just $5.25, kids get to choose a kid-sized entree, side, salad and dessert. You will feel good feeding your children a delicious meal that is healthier and more nutritious than all of those fast food restaurants around town. The California Cafe is a part of the Silicon Valley Restaurant Weeks select group of local eateries.

BYR of Belgium – Someplace Just for Mom & Dad

Mom and Dad also deserve a little time away from the kids. Get a babysitter, drop the kids off at Grandma’s and head on over to BYR of Belgium in Campbell. Their specialty is, of course, Belgian waffles with a mouth-watering selection of toppings. Indulge in a fruitless beer ice cream sundae. This unique little eatery uses organic ingredients and makes everything just like Grandma did back in Belgium. BYR of Belgium is also part of the Silicon Valley Restaurant Weeks celebration.

Having a good time in Silicon Valley is easy. Keep reading our blog for more information about all the fun things you can do with your children in Silicon Valley.


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