Great Breakfast or Brunch around Mountain View California

” Pancakes, waffles, muffins and more
French toast, hot oatmeal, and milk that you pour
Breakfast gives you the energy to start your day
Have some coffee, bacon and eggs, then, be on your way “

Like they say, breakfast is the most important meal of the day. You need the nutrition and you crave the caffeine. Wake up and smell the coffee! Better yet, go out and enjoy a big cup of java. Having a delicious breakfast before you go off to work or out to play is the ideal way to start your day. Lucky for you, there are many great places for breakfast or brunch in or near Mountain View. Here are just a few.

Three childhood friends who grew up in a small central Mexican town wanted to bring the delicious fresh foods and flavors they grew up enjoying to the Bay area. They opened Andale to serve authentic Mexican food that uses only the freshest, locally ingredients. Everything they serve is healthy and delicious. They have two locations in nearby Los Gatos and a number of additional restaurants around Silicon Valley and the Bay area. If you are going for breakfast, try the Breakfast Burrito that is filled with scrambled eggs, chorizo, refried beans, potatoes and cheese or maybe opt for the three egg Omlette a la Mexicana. All of the excellent breakfast entrees come with a nice portion of fresh fruit.

Gilley’s Coffee Shoppe
Located right in the middle of the town of Los Gatos, this is a very nice place to have a tasty and filling breakfast at prices that won’t make you cringe. Who said you have to go to Alabama to enjoy “southern” hospitality? Gilley’s may be on the west coast, but the waitresses are so friendly that they make you feel like you are eating breakfast at home with your family. The place serves all the basic breakfast foods from eggs and sausage to cereal and delicious banana coconut pancakes. They make a pretty good cup of coffee and are a family friendly restaurant that pays a little extra attention to keeping the kids happy. Gilley’s is well worth the short drive from Mountain View.

Los Gatos Café
Two equally delightful locations offer the best breakfast in town. You will have no doubt you have chosen the right place for breakfast when you sink your teeth into one of the more than twenty specially prepared omelettes. These awesome omelettes will satisfy any taste. A few of the favorites are the South of the Border, Italian, Spinach and Chicken Apple Sausage omelettes. Maybe you don’t feel like having eggs. No problem. Enjoy three thick slices of light and airy blueberry or strawberry infused French toast. Sprinkled in powdery sugar and topped with syrup, you will absolutely savor the flavor. Los Gatos has their own on-site bakery where they make a number of different types of bread and baked goods. Los Gatos Café is “home to the half-pound cinnamon roll.”

Southern Kitchen
There are more than a few reasons to put this Los Gatos restaurant on your list of favorite places to go for breakfast or brunch. You can start with the extremely generous portions like a standard scrambled egg platter made with three eggs instead of two and a heaping helping of hash brown potatoes. Have you ever heard of getting six big fluffy slices of French toast without asking for a double order? In honor of the south, Southern Kitchen serves up some of Dixie’s traditional favorites like buttery grits and biscuits smothered in mouth-watering gravy. Be prepared for a little wait, especially on the weekends because this place is quite popular.

When restaurants are good, they tend to be crowded and have long waiting times to be seated. To paraphrase the great Yogi Berra, you should not stop going to a restaurant because it is too crowded. A crowded restaurant with long lines only means that it is a great place to eat. To avoid the breakfast rush, try going before 7:00am or after 11:00am. You can also make reservations at many of the better places to enjoy breakfast.

Make sure you make time to visit any or all of these fine restaurants for breakfast or lunch. They are all just a short drive from Mountain View and enjoying a nice breakfast is a great way to start out the day.

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