Dining Spots to Discover Near Mountain View California

Are you looking for a a place to have a romantic dinner for two? Maybe you want to impress an important client with a bottle of fine wine and a gourmet dinner? Whatever the occasion, when you are in Mountain View or the Silicon Valley, your choices for dining are extensive. Why not try a few of the following highly desirable restaurants for excellent food, drink and maybe even some great musical entertainment?

The Cats
Two large wagon wheels with red spokes frame the entrance to this one-of-a kind restaurant and musical entertainment hot spot. The restaurant is set in a 19th century building used as a way stop for horse drawn lumber wagons traveling to San Jose. You can feast on hickory and apple smoked barbecue ribs, order a perfectly cooked filet mignon or go for the lovely lamb loin chops. All dinner entries include a house salad, hot side and all the homemade garlic bread you care to eat. While you are dining, enjoy the musical performances of talented Bay area singers and musicians. Also available at The Cats is a wide selection of on tap microbrews, bottled beers and wine. Make your plans today for a fun and memorable night of dining and entertainment.

Rootstock Wine Bar
Opened in October of 2011, Rootstock Wine Bar has quickly become the place to go to enjoy a beer or glass of wine with friends. Ask your server about any wine on the menu and they will be able to tell you all about its body, bouquet and anything else that might arouse your curiosity. Every individual that works at this establishment takes a monthly test to make sure they are up-to-date on the latest wines and can speak intelligently on every wine that is poured at Rootstock. Local wines are featured along with a number of other selections from around the world. If wine is not your drink of preference, there is a very good selection of craft beers. To go along with the wine or beer, Rootstock also serves cheese and cured meat platters. This is the perfect place to unwind after a hectic day at work. Have a sandwich or seasonal salad for lunch and order a Cabernet Sauvignon or Chardonnay. Enjoy the laid-back atmosphere and have fun with your friends.

Nick’s Next Door
Opened just a few months ago, Nick’s Next Door is located across the street from Chef Nick Difu’s other restaurant, Nick’s on Main. Customers still flock to the first Nick’s on Main and they are now showing up in large numbers to the new restaurant. Nick’s Next Door is selling out almost every night. It is a great place to have fun and enjoy some of the best food you ever tasted. The new restaurant is larger, has an outdoor patio area and a full bar. An out-of-this world rib eye steak, served with a baked potato and a glass of wine is just heavenly. The only problem might be getting in to actually have a meal. Make your reservations in advance and come on down to see what everyone has been talking about.

C.B. Hannegan’s
If you want to have fun, what better place to go than an Irish bar? Come one and come all to an evening of feasting, sampling craft beers and drinking California’s best wines. There are plenty of big screens to watch your favorite game and the service is fast and friendly. You do not have to put on a suit and tie when you visit Hannegan’s. It is all about having a good time and enjoying some good-old-fashioned comfort food. Try the homemade meatloaf and mashed potatoes. Many people just love the overstuffed sandwiches. They have all of the classics like a corned-beef stuffed Reuben or a fabulous Turkey Club. For those who want a little healthier meal, Hannegan’s offers a very nice Caesar Salad and a generous portion of grilled salmon. Of course, no Irish bar would be complete without some good, old-fashioned whiskey. Veteran whiskey drinkers will appreciate the wide collection of unique malt whiskies that are always in stock.

Raise a toast to your health at the very environmentally conscientious Cin-Cin Wine Bar, Lounge and Kitchen. Guests will appreciate the passion of the owners who created the concept of using sustainable, organic and biodynamic methods to provide the food and wine that is at the center of the restaurant’s being. Fish is harvested using sustainable methods and all of the meat is hormone-free. Local growers provide the organically grown produce and the wine comes primarily from local California wineries. The food, wine and beer are all top-notch. Wine drinkers are encouraged to bring their corks so they can be recycled.

Take the time to experience at least one of these wonderful restaurants. You are guaranteed to have a night filled with fun that will be a highlight of your trip. When you get home tell all your friends about your stay at the Camino Inn and Suites and the great dining experience in the South Bay area.

For more information about restaurants in Mountain View click here.


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