Best Pastries and Sweets Near Mountain View California

Who does not like an occasional sweet treat? While over-indulging in sugary desserts can lead to weight gain and possibly diabetes, in moderation it is okay. Many of us developed a sweet tooth as young children. Our parents allowed us to eat donuts, ice cream and candy. People just can’t resist eating sweets. Psychologists will tell us that sugar makes us happy. From a scientific point of view, when you eat more sugar, you stimulate the body to produce more of the brain chemical serotonin. Serotonin alters your mood and can make you happy and content. Put all of that aside and let’s go out and have some fun. Try these local area bakeries that will surely stimulate the production of serotonin and make you happy!

Armour Patisserie (
Much more than just another bakery, the Armour Patisserie presents a fantastic assortment of European pastries that will satisfy any sweet tooth. Coffee lovers will delight in the fresh Blue Bottle coffee served at the shop. Every item tastes as good as it looks. How about a delicious chocolate croissant – flaky on the outside and filled with warm and gooey chocolate on the inside? If that is not your pleasure, there is always the almond mousse or amazing coconut passion fruit cake. Don’t forget to try a few of the colorful and tasty macaroons.

Fleur de Cocoa (
An absolute favorite of locals and a must try for visitors, Fleur de Cocoa offers an award-winning selection of French pastries, cakes, handmade chocolates and a light lunch menu.
Start the morning with a buttery and flaky, perfectly baked French breakfast pastry. Satisfy your sweet tooth when you bite into a cream-filled éclair or an individually-sized strawberry tarte. A Bistro menu features such favorites like French onion soup, quiches and a mixed greens salad. Choose from a variety of teas, coffees and espresso drinks. Handmade chocolate candies, with no preservatives or artificial ingredients are created by the Master Chocalatier. Don’t forget about the classic and delicious French cookies. Take home a bag of macarons parisiens, madeleines, tuiles and financiers.

Icing on the Cake
Get ready to be seduced by the irresistible aroma and incredible display of classic cookies, decadent cheesecakes and fruit-filled pies. They must be doing something right as this very popular Los Gatos bakery that has been satisfying the sweet desires of loyal customers since 1985. While everything in the shop is really good, cupcakes have their own special place. With more than two dozen varieties of original and creative cupcakes, you will have to come back many times to try them all. Some of the special creations include the Rocky Road, Bordeaux Bon Bon and the Pink Peppermint Patty. Also available are Vegan cupcakes and Wheat-free cupcakes.

Le Boulanger
Well, if you are anywhere near Los Gatos, it is well worth the trip to visit one of the Bay area’s best bakery/cafes. Always voted at or near the top of the list for their incredibly fresh and wide assortment of different breads, Le Boulanger is part French bakery and part casual café. You can enjoy a great omelette with a freshly baked, buttery croissant for breakfast. There is always some cut up seasonal fresh fruit and you can treat your sweet tooth to a delicious and very satisfying pastry. For lunch, the casual café offers gourmet sandwiches served on your choice of freshly baked sourdough or ciabatta bread or enjoy a bowl of French Onion soup and a healthy salad. The menu features traditional sandwich favorites like tuna and turkey as well as a number of vegetarian choices. Whether you want to eat lunch or take home some croissants and pastries for a weekend brunch, Le Boulanger is the place to go.

Nothing Bundt Cakes (
They do not bake pies, cupcakes or seven layer cakes at this unique bakery. Like their name says, all they do is bake Bundt cakes. You will be in Bundt cake heaven when you visit Nothin Bundt Cakes and see the amazing selection of beautifully decorated baked Bundt cakes. Bakers use nothing but premium ingredients like farm-fresh eggs, real butter and cream cheese. It takes a specially designed mold or baking pan to produce these ring-shaped baked treats. The store uses small, medium and large Bundt pans to make regular-sized cakes, smaller Bundtlets that serve one or two, and Bundtinies which are bite-sized tasty treats. You will be enticed by the white chocolate raspberry, pecan praline and red velvet versions. Choose one of those or pick from their very large selection. Every cake gets finished with a generous cream cheese and butter-based frosting or a lighter, trickle of dripped icing. Get a cake decorated for the 4th of July, Thanksgiving or Christmas. Get a custom designed cake for your daughter’s sixteenth birthday. No matter what the occasion, there is nothing quite like this sweet treat.

All of these places are absolutely great. While you are on vacation you should find the time to visit at least one or two of them. It’s okay to indulge once in awhile, especially if you are on vacation. Go ahead and splurge.


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