Tech and Engineering Camps Rock Your Summer!

Do you want your child to waste another summer sitting around with nothing to do except eat junk food and play video games? Your child can attend their choice of some awesome summer camps that incorporate fun WITH learning!

Would your child like to learn engineering and construction concepts using instructional toys? Then the AWESOMEngineering camp in nearby Cupertino is your choice to invigorate the mind of your 6-13 year old. Children will learn to plan and build projects from simple swings to elaborate robotic movers using educational toys like Erector. Learning these concepts at this level is stimulating and fun!

iD Tech Camp is “The world’s #1 summer computer camp for kids and teens”. Located at Stanford University, they offer a week long summer camp for ages 7-17 and 2-week intensive teen academies for ages 13-18. Attendees can learn to create apps for iPhone, Android and more, or learn film making with video editing, photos and movies. Want to actually create a video game instead of playing one? Maybe next summer YOUR video game will be the next hot item! Web design and 3D animation classes are also available.

The Yew-Chung International School offers your child a chance to become a bilingual, multicultural world citizen. They specialize in language immersion, which means Mandarin is spoken in the classroom, giving your child maximum exposure not only to the language itself but to the concepts of learning this influential language in a short time. Their internationally recognized curriculum prepares your child to succeed in an increasingly globalized world. No prior Chinese is needed!

Imagineerz teaches problem-solving strategies for your first to fourth grade child. Every child can reach for their dreams with the correct habits and attitude. Imagineerz teaches these skills with creative, interactive learning. Children are engaged in highly creative and challenging pursuits, sometimes using simple materials to build complex items. They are guided along but step-by-step instruction are not given as it is important for the child to deal with roadblocks along the way. This leads to a greater appreciation when success is achieved but even failure is celebrated because it still reveals a link that leads to eventual success.

No matter which camp you choose; your child will be amazed, challenged, engrossed and experience success and self-esteem at a phenomenal level. Your child will talk about the great time they had for months and maybe even years to come. Why? Because the knowledge gained at these camps stays with them. These are not formulas for success that are easily forgotten, but fun, learned skill-sets that can engage your child in future activities for as long as they are curious about the world around them.

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