Silicon Valley Fun Summer Activities For kids

Kids and parents will have fun in Silicon Valley this summer when they take advantage of all the wonderful opportunities to get back to nature. What do you do if your kids won’t go outside because they are more interested in indoor activities like TV and video games? If you follow our suggestions and decide to visit any or all of these fascinating destinations in Silicon Valley, they will be breathing in the fresh air in no time.

The Stanfords themselves started the Arizona Cactus Garden at Stanford University. The garden dates back to the late 1880’s. The site was chosen because it was nearby the area where the Stanford’s chose to build their new home. Even though the home was never built we are grateful to have the opportunity to tour their beautifully restored cactus garden. It’s truly a treasure you have to see to believe, and the kids will be amazed at all the fun and unique shapes of the over 500 species of cacti and succulents from all over the world.

Stretch your legs and take a walk through an arboretum that contains over 350 species of trees. Located on the Stanford University grounds, it encompasses the Arizona Cactus Garden making this the perfect location to have an outdoor adventure with the kids.

Pop on over to nearby San Jose and check out the 6 acre Chinese Cultural Garden. Located within Overfelt Gardens Park in San Jose, California, this garden is indeed marvelous to behold. Be sure to attend the Chinese Moon Festival in September where kids of all ages will enjoy celebrating the moon with dancing, crafts, and many other activities that are sure to stir their imagination.

While you’re in San Jose you can’t miss the Japanese Friendship Garden located in Kelley Park. The children will not want to miss the two feeding stations available for feeding the exotic koi fish, and there was never a more perfect place to unwind as you are surrounded by the peacefulness and beauty of nature. Your child may even be inspired to start their very own garden at home.

Getting kids outside nowadays is a challenge, but you won’t be able to hold them back as they explore the beautiful and exotic outdoor locations available in Silicon Valley. There is no limit to where their imagination can take them if given the opportunity, and there’s nothing better to foster that imagination than outdoor fun.


Article/Photo Copyright ©2012  All Rights Reserved Worldwide


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