Who Invented The Computer? Response @ Computer History Museum

Who invented the computer? How started the Internet? What about the roots of Mobiles & Gaming?

If you love history especially history surrounding technology, the perfect option for you is the great Computer History Museum, find a number of exhibits explaining and detailing the contributions during the past years from different people around the world, 2000 years of history!

From the abacus to the smart phones and laptops!! Come and enjoy the evolution of computers and one very unusual collection of computer artifacts. The museum is located at the corner of 101 and Shoreline in Mountain View, CA.

The museum starts the exhibition with the basic and oldest mathematical artifacts, passing for Internet history, microprocessors, computer revolution including some of the very first computers from the 40s and 50s, ending with the today’s Internet, gaming, mobile devices and technologies of the future.

CHM is a big museum and also very well-organized but if you want to see the details, videos, to read all the labels and opening the drawers, think about spending the whole day in your visit because you will find a lot of interesting things to see and the time will fly at the museum.

On the north side of the museum, there is the museum store, full of gadgets, toys, accessories, books, t-shirts and anything that might be associated with geek staff and computers. If you are looking for a unique gift or tech-related, come to shopping here! It’s open from 10 am to 5 pm Wed-Sun. Also you can dine during the visit or stop in for coffee into the Cloud Café that it’s part of the museum too!

The Computer History Museum is approximately 2 miles from the Mountain View Cal Train/VTA Light Rail Station located at Castro and Evelyn Streets in downtown Mountain View.  The museum address is 1401 N Shoreline Blvd. it closed Monday and Tuesday, the admission is only $15 dollars for general public, $12 for students and FREE for members and children.

For anybody around Silicon Valley, It is a must-see!! Come and visit the CHM. Amazing historical journey!!

Article/Photos by Zoi Photography Copyright ©2012  All Rights Reserved Worldwide


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