Silicon Valley’s Local Treasures

Many people think of technological advancements and computer innovations when they think of Silicon Valley. However, this land holds a little-known secret: it is home to some of the greatest chefs and restaurants in all of California. Wonderful food and fine wine is a great passion to locals and they are only too eager to share these treasures with new-comers.

According to many locals and our guests here at the Camino Inn, here are the top three restaurants in beautiful Silicon Valley:


Chef and proprietor David Kinch has made this charming and rustic restaurant a local’s favorite. His cuisine bridges the gap between American and classical European techniques. He uses the best of fresh Californian produce to keep his dishes fresh and full of locally-grown flavors. The wine cellar is regionally-renowned and offers the perfect wine for each dish or celebration. The décor is elegant and sophisticated to give every meal an added touch of class.

Gochi Japanese Fusion Tapas

There are Japanese fushion restaurants and then there is Gochi Japanese Fusion Tapas which has taken this trend to a whole new level. The perfect blending of Spanish-style tapas and fresh Japanese cuisine is brought together wonderfully in this trendy little restaurant. Chef and owner Masahiko Takei, or ‘Masa’ for short, is the talent behind the menu and the perfectly splendid interior design. The restaurant prides itself on excellent service, delicious and consistent dishes and warm hospitality. Ghochi, which is slang for tasty treat or delicious meal, is open for lunch and dinner.

Le Papillon

California cuisine includes all that is healthy, fresh and delicious. Ripe vegetables mix with wild grains and seasoned meats to tempt anyone’s palate. What better way to compliment California cuisine than with a classical French twist? California and France come together at the beautiful and award-winning Le Papillon. The chefs at Le Papillon take painstaking efforts to create tempting flavors on every plate. The wine list is extensive but the staff is happy to make an insightful wine suggestion to compliment lunch or dinner.

While Enjoying Your Stay at Camino Inn

The staff at Camino Inn wants you to thoroughly enjoy your stay with us. We are immensely proud of these local restaurants and wish to share them with you, our guest. Take your family and friends out for a delicious meal and see how special Silicon Valley really is.


Articles/Photos Copyright ©2012  All Rights Reserved Worldwide


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