Rengstorff House – Attractions in Mountain View California

The historic and oldest house in Mountain View, it was one of the first houses to be built-in the city, which was built by the early settler, Henry Rengstorff, one beautiful and historical treasure.

What make a difference of this house is that it was build showing a Victorian Italianate architecture and set in a very peaceful park setting at the end of North Shoreline Blvd Loop, next to Shoreline Lake. You can recapture the romance of the early days when Mountain View was home to orchards and shipping ports. It is a nice little place to just sit outside in the garden and relax.

The house is open for guided tours on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Sundays. Don’t need to make any reservation just stop by between 11am to 5pm.  They are showing all the antique and beautiful furnished totally original, the hand painted wallpaper designs; Victorian plasters rosettes, the 12-room, 3,955 square foot house with 10-foot ceilings on the second floor and 11-foot ceilings on the first floor.  Fully restored in 1991. Voted best Attractions in Mountain View California!

The tour is free; the volunteers that work here rely on donations to maintain the preservation of this house. There is also a lake, walking distance, great for picnic with the family, friends or a quiet walk.

The current exhibition in the house is entitled “From Horse & Buggy to the Model T: Turn of the Century Transportation, Then and Now”. It features photographs of scow schooners, livery stables, wagons, stagecoaches, electric cars (from nerby towns/cities), early railroad scenes and more. It will end on July 25.
Comming Soon!! the annual Arts Festival , which includes fine art on display in the house, and concerts and performances in the gardens.

Also this house can be rented for special events, non-traditional weddings and receptions. Future brides and grooms who are planning to get married in the spring/summer/fall should definitely consider this venue for their wedding. It is lovely!

In addition to weddings and events, the house was recently updated to include wireless Internet access, making meetings and business presentations a snap in modern times.

If you are curious about the past and special spooky events, this house has a lot to offer, during more than 20 years the house went through a variety of owners and residents. The Crump family, the last residents of the mansion, they said that they often heard the sound of a non-existent baby crying at night and the sounds of something walking up and down the house’s narrow staircase. Most intriguing is the story of the secret attic room. One day Mr. Crump was putting a hook in a closet, the wallboard slipped a bit and a previously covered up stairway was exposed. Chapter from the short writings about Mountain View called “You are Now Entering Mountain View”.

Experience the life in the 19 Century by visiting this lovely house; get a glimpse about the living style back then.

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Article/Photos by Zoi Photography Copyright ©2012  All Rights Reserved Worldwide


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