Discover Amazing Coffee place in Mountain View – The Red Rock Coffee

Caffeine Culture and Community:

For all those people who love a good coffee, Red Rock is a great option, a coffee place in the heart of Mountain View between Castro Street and Villa Street. Is open all week for the general public.

We found this place very charming, cozy and lovely from outside and inside.  Check out the cappuccino or the roast beef and cheddar cheese, they are really tasting! And if the summer heat overwhelms, try the Iced mocha, so good and refreshing!

This coffee place is a very good option if you have some work to do and you don’t want to stay at home, hotel room or inside the office, just bring your computer or your work papers and take the stairs to the second floor, it has a great view, good music and good lighting, it’s an excellent choice for inspiration and they have free Wi-Fi. It can become a great second office for you.

Red Rock supports local art in all its many glorious varieties. If you are the kind of person self confident with an artistic gift, enjoy this very special event called The Open Mic, every Monday night from 7-10pm. Your will find poems, stand-up routines, and all forms of creative expression, you must arrive before 6:30 for sing-up and be prepared with your best act!!

Or if you’re a band-on-the-run, or an artist from out of the area, Red Rock is a non-profit company that helps the community recording audio of local musicians and non-local as well. Helping them to make great sounding records to bring them to the next level in their songwriting and performing. Red Rock has a variety of groups that performs during the week except on Thursdays.

Red Rock was created for being a place of genuine community, which truly gave back and supported the community that supports it. It’s also a great place to meet and hang out.

Article/Photos by Zoi Photography Copyright ©2012  All Rights Reserved Worldwide


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