Come and Visit Silicon Valley This Summer

Silicon Valley is located in the southern section of the San Francisco Bay. Several of the world’s largest technology corporations have headquarters in the area. Consequently, the destination’s nickname was derived from the number of silicon chip creators residing nearby.

                          Silicon Valley – Modern Architecture in San Jose Photo Copyright ©2012

Travelers to Northern California will find a temperate climate throughout the year with summer temperatures that rarely go above the low 80s. When visitors arrive during the winter months, they’ll still find a comfortable environment with temperatures in the 40s or higher.
California travelers have numerous entertainment choices such as amusement parks and botanical gardens. Visitors will enjoy arriving in the city during the spring and fall months as the Northern California attractions are less crowded.

Guests will find off-season rates with affordable accommodations at hotels such as the Camino Inn & Suites in Mountain View where travelers will be near thrilling theme parks, convenient shopping and restaurants. When traveling, it’s always beneficial to stay in a place that provides breakfast, Wi-Fi and a handy fitness center.

Adventure seekers will enjoy renting a car and touring the nearby community of Palo Alto where Stanford University is located. Another adjacent destination is Menlo Park, which features Filoli House and Gardens. History buffs will love the classic estate with its 1917 origination. The site had a part in the television series “Dynasty” as the Carrington Mansion.

The Filoli gardens are meticulously maintained, and visitors may need an extra battery for their camera in order to bring the vastness of the sights home. When nature lovers arrive in neighboring Los Gatos, they’ll want to spend time in Old Town and tour the new Bonfante Gardens Theme Park where they’ll discover well-maintained gardens, amusement parks and museums.

Technologically minded tourists will want to visit the Intel Museum, which offers free admission. They’ll receive a first-hand view of the innovative company. Apple also features a Company Store in the area where visitors can purchase souvenirs such as T-shirts, mugs and mouse pads with the authentic Apple brand.

Outdoor enthusiasts will enjoy the Almaden Quicksilver Country Park, which provides plenty of hiking trails. The area is picturesque with its surrounding hills, and visitors will have the opportunity to hike in Northern California’s comfortable climate.

The locale also features the Cooper-Garrod Estate Vineyards where guests may tour the facility and taste the wine grown on the farm. The destination is family owned and operated. Also, animal aficionados will have the chance to take a horseback ride on a trail with sweeping views of the valley.

Silicon Valley  will entertain guests from all walks of life including travelers interested in the area’s historical significance along with visitors who prefer a comfortable vacation climate. After travelers experience the area’s entertainment, they’ll have gained plenty of vacation memories.

Article by Camino Inn & Suites All Rights Reserved – Copyright ©2012


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