Things to do near Los Gatos, California

If you are looking to visit Los Gatos, California any time soon, there are many great activities available for your consideration. This is a community of 30,000 people that only grew by less than 1,000 in the past ten years. It has its wonderful history and touts many famous people who reside, or have resided there. Yet, it remains extremely manageable in its size. Visiting the high tech Silicone Valley for the first time is a real California treat.


The mere 60 mile excursion to San Francisco provides the opportunity for a taste of city life in the Bay area. Dinner cruises and wine tasting experiences are all a part of this region’s offerings. Whatever you choose to do in and around Los Gatos, you will have a most interesting and very sunny vacation. Your stay at the Camino Inn and Suites will provide a great spot to anchor yourself with many amenities and special hospitality. The affordable hotel has a new fitness center and a new business meeting room, appropriate for catered events. It offers free breakfast and wifi for your convenience. The hotel location provides convenience, and the service lets you know that you are important to them. There are many other accommodations in the town and throughout the valley.

There are various places to picnic, a variety of bike and foot trails to follow and an enormous reservoir to transverse via different style boats. Fishing for trout, black bass, blue gill and catfish at Verona County Park is especially relaxing. Several mountain trails are available; one is for the fast-movers, and the other trail is for those who like to move along in slow-motion! The Billy Jones Wildcat Railroad will provide you with a “sweet” little journey through Oak Meadow and Vasona Parks, in order that you may enjoy the beauty and the serenity of each. The Art Museum and the History Museum are quite unique. You will enjoy viewing both. The Art Museum features works from local schools and promotes creativity through teaching art. Campo di Bocce Bar and Restaurant is a favorite attraction in the heart of the town. It features good food and a lot of fun for people of all ages. Delicious is the name of the food and bocce ball is the name of the game. A trip to this spot will likely be a delight. Restaurants in Los Gatos abound, all with beautiful décor and extremely tasty food.

If this is your first or your fiftieth trip to the Silicon Valley, you will be amazed by this latest adventure. Plan your trip well and take-in the festivities while you are visiting. You will truly enjoy experiencing Los Gatos, California.


Article by Camino Inn & Suites All Rights Reserved – Copyright ©2012


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