Guests Of Our Hotel Will Surely Have A Memorable Trip When They Explore Santa Clara’s Historic Sites

Santa Clara, California, is famous for producing some of the most technologically advanced computer equipment. The city’s nickname “Silicon Valley” certainly doesn’t bring to mind its agricultural past, but the city’s history is intact, and on display for you to enjoy.

Headen-Inman House 

History enthusiasts should plan on touring the Headen-Inman House. With numerous pictures and relics from the city’s past, guests will surely enjoy the learning experience of visiting the museum. In fact, patrons will have the chance to see photos of Santa Clara’s founding families along with the city’s first pioneers.

The museum’s structure is an early Arts and Crafts movement home with traditional features such as beveled light fixtures, classic woodwork and a four-panel door. Visitors who have an appreciation for classic homes will find this museum particularly appealing.

Berryessa Adobe 

Santa Clara visitors will be interested in this 1840s structure, which was originally built about a mile away from Mission Santa Clara. Numerous families resided in the home as they migrated to make a living by working in the factories and fields.

In 1997, the city bought the home and commissioned its professional refurbishment in 2002. In fact, the home is one of the last remaining adobes within the city. It is also a stop on the Juan Bautista de Anza National Historic Trail. Guests will find it at 373 Jefferson Street, and the historical site is typically available for tours on Thursdays and Saturdays during the afternoon.

Harris-Lass Historic Museum


Santa Clara City contains one last preserved farm site, which is the Harris-Lass Historic Museum. The 11-room Italianate-designed residence also features a barn, tank house and summer kitchen. Guests will receive a first-hand look at life during the early 1900s.

As you visit charming Santa Clara, you’ll find buildings from our past is intermingled with our present structures and industry sites needed for our future.

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