Delight Your Children by visiting the Children’s Discovery Museum in San Jose

We invite all of our customers from our hotel “Camino Inn and Suites” to check out the Children’s Discovery Museum.” Our hotel encourages a trip to the museum, as it is great fun for both the children and adults; it never ceases to amaze with all of its displays and other wonderful activities.

The museum’s mission “is to inspire children to learn about the world through exploration, imagination and experimentation.” The Rokenbok construction center places an emphasis on children’s ability to build according to their imagination. Parents are encouraged to build along with the children. The Imagination Playground is a space station designed by David Rockwell, where the kids can go in and create from a variety of objects that will excite their imaginations. The Cat in the Hat oversees the children, as they play different musical instruments. Additionally, the kids can display their own original puppet shows as others watch. The Keva Planks from which the children can build houses, hotels, roads and more spur the imagination as they fill in the blanks from a distortion of the real thing, as they fill in the gaps of true reality. We must not forget about the light table, where they learn to mix colors. Oh, and the Explorer Discovery Sailboat teaches the children all about the world. In the near future they will add information about weather systems and be teaching all about how our weather is formed.

The museum is a wonderful place for kids to learn. You will see expressions of joy on their faces and know that they had a wonderful time in the unique Children’s Discovery Museum. Consider seeing one of the most fascinating learning centers while you are staying with us. Your children will love the experience and take away a new sense of awe and wonderment for learning.


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